The lost gospel/A forgotten truth

Earning the way to eternal life is hard. First you must listen to priests for several hours and stand up and sit down according to the schedule. Furthermore sing the right songs preciesely as prescribed.
After having eaten a small loaf of bread and drunken some juice it all continues. Now, pay attention, the kids are dancing their tribal hymn to a long forgotten God and they laugh oh how they laugh; but they are the fools. There are no turning back now. We´re on the right path – towards our eternal life – now we´re in the house of our lost gospel. Forgetting the world arround us and as long as our priest talks we´re all happy. We sing and light our candels cau´se as long they burn we are alive. In this house we sit and talk and dine and fuck and sleep and wait. We wait… Oh oh oh my GOD we wait. But nothing happens!!!!!!! Mum is still drunk, father apathic and everything continues as if it almost was worthless being in the house of the lost gospel. But it continues, year after year – the same, every single day, but now our fattigue hits – we are broke, lonely, full af fear and disbelief, but Oh how we were happy!!! Happy in the house of the lost gospel.
But after the gospel has lost its power… We are alone. The friends we had are gone. We are broke. The ressources are all used up. We don´t have life. What once represented it has gone.
What are left is the emptiness. The promises didn´t live up to their goals. The lost gospel was for the LOST and didn´t deliver. It had its place in the temple of the God. It was the centerpiece of the culture where the praise sounded and the songs were sung. The salms. The prophecies. The bible. The priest and SATAN.
So the tribe sat listening to the man who claimed he had the gospel. He claimed he knew the god and he sang his songs. And we knew something was wrong and the prophets didn´t spoke. We was silent and silenced among the right believers. Well writing this I will have my voice. Dear church you have spoken long enough. Your sermons was held but you didn´t had God. I heard your prophecies but they came from your own heart. The songs you sang was build on rituals and shamanism. What you had was what you will get. Your God was SATAN.
When the 666 comes you will not be ready. The emptiness you gave is the absence that will hit you – the hunger will hit; starvation, fattigue, thirst, dissiness and your hate will be turned to your faith. On that day it will occur to your heart the truth: I sat among you and you didn´t cared. My pain was of no attention to you and the hunger of ME you didn´t cared about. I listened to your sermons, sang your songs, ate your loaf of breads and concluded that afterall you didn´t had anything – Not me and not THE God.
So when Revelation, 666, comes you will be forgotten, left alone to starve and die. You will drink the deadly water and forget the God you had – your tribal hymns and finally realize that what you praised was yourself!!! There were no God in your house – ONLY YOURSELF – the loaf of bread and the faith you claimed to have will end up with what it was from the beginning – a hunger for truth and purity. But it was me who you silenced. Now it is you who will have no words and not know what time it is and which year it is. You will be on the run, starving, alone, in pain wishing to die.
I listened to your sermons – how you displayed your emptiness. The hunger for me. In the house of the lost gospel I sat. Among you… 666!?

RELIGION, faith in faith, WON´T SAVE YOU MY FRIEND, but the sacrifice from Jesus Christ!


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