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Every donation will be received with gratitude and used to strengthen my humble ministry. Consider what you give after having checked my logbook. Your money will help me and my church to reach people in need who lack knowledge of our lord. My philosophy is: Only preach, what you have already done.

Mr. (Jes) Henning Andersen:
Bank of Denmark: SWIFT-adressen: DABADKKK, IBAN account nr: DK1430003307188740

Registration nr. 1551 Account number 3307188740

Starting september 2019. Feeding the poor and giving them Jesus, the son of God.
In fellowship with my church(Apostolich driven by the man of God Steffen Vang Jørgensen in Hillerød Denmark. Åmosevej 11).

Below are some great links you can only enjoy:

Apostolich church Hillerød:

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