The last stand

My dear friend
It is with deep trouble i contact you. After the fall of man we must be aware enough to consider if things are for us or against us. I honestly can say – I have no regrets. I have lived my life to its full potential. Walked, talked and done everything as according to sain reassonning. Therefore I must ask: “Why hasn´t it worked?” Great men of God has fallen in various sins, my masters… What I know of the church is that it has left Its God; of Abraham.
My greatest pain are my boredom. Satan has conquered many of the souls of men as if Christ had never been here – Prophets, Evangelists, Healing ministries – the world of the church and if I´m correct the light of the world. As if I could trust it – sorry but they lack the power. Please if anyone out there can hear me consider this: Jesus ascended. He gave us the power, the most extraordinary force in the world, as we know it, but why hasn´t it worked – apostasy, neglect, apathy. I will not criticize for things I not myself has done but the question sounds: Do christians even care about anything but “the gospel” ? People are poor. Suffers. Commid suicide and worlds are falling apart.
Year 0 / 2019 or 2030 or 1945 what do I care. The love of God must be withdrawn from this earth. I´m warning you, do not hesitate to reconsider how you treat others – maybe if you are wholeheartedly in your doings he will remember you when he reappears.

Today you got up, went to work and were doing your business, in the bakery fx., dutifully your served your master and obeyed his agenda. But please consider this: I live with a servere mental illness, have experienced the greatest pain you can imagine and my maddness are equivalent to my intellect. Therefor, my friend, whom probably got more abundance of energy than I(I know you have been at work, are tired, need to pay your bills and take care of your family) consider if or if not you went through the day with your focus only at yourself. Did you “shut down” when you saw a poor man, don´t tell me you can´t tell if a man or woman are poor, necgleted you to give attention to the little child whos mom were to busy talking on the phone.

Or were you compasionate and giving attention

So here we are in the so called modern world. Of cause a world where war are unthinkable for we are descent and reasonnable beings, everybody of cause treats each other with respect and dignity are honest and trustworthy so why even bother reconsider your way of living? SORRY – But faith can´t do the trick. I say onto you, yes you believe in your masters at work, church, school etc. Congratulation, so did the pharisees.
In your neglect of everything else but faith, cause faith alone(Luther) are the new black?! You have forgotten everything else in your attempt to get to heaven… But this is the way of the lord: “Hearts died and you didn´t care. Souls departed from truth cause “You had faith.” Men lost their integrity and became apathic followers of the pharoe-god system from the Babylonian kingdom. Therefor reconsider this: If you want to prioritize your churchgoing, fancy Bibleverses and smooth clothing or help the poor and visit the lonely. Society lost its pace in truth cause you couldn´t step up to the challenge of standing firm on the most basic principles in your Bible.”

Where are the prophets, the watchmen of God? Is it only I that can see clearly?

When a child are born is it then into a world of pleausure and stimulanses? No. It is thrown into this world of fire and its screams pledge the Creator to kill it imediately after birth. What are humanity nothing but a child – we are all lost and nothing can save us but the grace. We are in this chaos where some reason “all is relative” , “reality doesn´t exist” , “there are no God” and God looks down on you(?). “Have you forgotten what I did in the beginning? The brain I have equipted you with are apparently not enough. You want more, you want the world, power property and pleasure – you want to be God. Well, says the lord, let me challenge you… You haver your big bang, evolution theory AND your big brain. Well then when is it it came to pass that what you accomprehend extracted you so much out of reality that you thought you could become a god??? When is it enough??? First you wanted to know right from wrong and neglected my compassion in the garden and now you want to rule as me – child?
Therefore my judgment will come and you will not be prepared. In all your cleverness, neglect of the poor, gain for power and wisdom I will come. All you thought you could trust I will tare apart. Nothing will be left. Therefor I challenge you. You thought you could become a god in your world. You said to yourself: I must get me a wife, get a job, do exercise and be well – educated. You fool you said to yourself the purpose of life are to earn money and get success. Therefor I judge you, says the lord, you thoght to yourself. Let me put myself in the center of the universe, I am the most important factor in human history, nothing can stop me. Then shall the judgment come!!! But you will not be prepared. You say unto yourself “I got my house and I got my savings account” But my lord will say to you: “But you don´t have me!!!!!!!” And everything you have will be taken from you and you will finally realize: You didn´t had your lord, what you trusted was only theology, science, wisdom but, what you lacked was trust. Therefor If you “Feel” like it: IN REMEMBRANCE OF WHAT I DID ON THE CROSS, WHAT I SAID AN WHO I AM. Do what is required of you. Belive the blood and with it the power, the word and with it the lifestyle and finnally the being and therefore my focus – Israel. Yours sincrely Jes Henning Andersen Denmark

Please hear my call. On my watch at least 3 are dead so I must ask you who YOU can pay a visit, present Jesu Christ, the son of God for and lighten humankinds´ strive towards a God???
Please my friend, your soul are to important, don´t forget yourself in your attempt to gain knowledge, power, faith or money. Remember to seek Jesus Christ not for “serving him” but to spent time with him.

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