Back to basics

Does God got a soul and why in the Hell doesn´t the church preach it? The heart of David, the core in the agenda of Christ, was focussed at two forces: He got a mission, he wanted to enhance the kingdom. And he hated idolatry and stood up against the pagans. Read your Bible if you disagree. But we as christians gladly accept buddhism – Yoga(which is old ways to reach gods), islam(sharia or do you want to dress as you like?), witchcraft(…), humanism(old communism) etc. In our country and in our churches. Well as I see it the path is idolatry but OH NO we got to include everyone into our seeker-friendly churches.
How now… What about this: Everyone who doesn´t fast once a year aren´t welcome in the house of God. Or about this: If you don´t donate some of your money to the church… Or if you don´t visit a homeless guy during the next month. Or if you don´t practice the discipline of spiritual warfare. Or once in a lifetime has tried to give someone Jesus. Or supports Israel. Or… Or… Or… Or…
Please where are the heart of David in my kingdom??? Please friends in all our kindness we need to establish a kingdom. That means we need to say: It is against our believe(above mentioned). Something are just not in line with the mindset of God IT IS IDOLATRY.
I will not succomb to the lie that everything is accepted just to be a nice christian. I will stand firm on the word of God and say: I do not accept homosexuality as the new normal(unless it is due to fx. amputation; as it furthermore is necessary to people with servere mental illness to use fx. marihuana etc.). Nor do I believe in the humanist “Give me, give me, give me” principle. Please that are just two examples. I WILL ENDANGER MY SOUL IN THE ENHANCEMENT OF THE KINGDOM.


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