Salvation/Also in this life

Transform your thinking towards the mind of God. Enlighten your feelings by the beauty of his soul.
Identify your body by the wonder of his might.
Only seeing the mindset of Christ you eventually will know he is the son of God. Salvation is to acknowledge him as the sacrifice to God mended to fill out your place at the altar. There are nothing we can do in our own strength, intellect or might to get access to the divine. It all ends up with him doing all the work and salvation IS Jesus.
Call me a Lutheran but please remember to appreciate the prophetic scriptures that foretold Jesus would come – he is the remnant of the empire of David. He got the heart – that pleased God. And when receiving Christ – letting him give you part in the kingdom, and afterwards eternal life, you will be enlightent, as when Him seeing you He is seeing Jesus Christ; the only perfect man who has walked this earth.
Having Christ do never forget that it is only by His sacrifice we gets knowledge that God will “neglect” our faults and dark sides. The only way to furthermore enhance your life and inner peace is to abide in what he has already done. Of cause you can pray, fast, help the needy and it will in itself give you a “happy feeling,”
nothing wrong with that. But DO NEVER FORGET, that only because Christ, willingly, sacrificed Himself you are 100% welcomed in the heart of God.
So here are the fun stuff…
As now, “having become a child of God” why should your life be any different or complicated than before?! Everything is the same and piety are still as hard as always. Or let me say it this way – it will always be, if you try for yourself. But you came to God through sacrifice and please dear friend don´t believe that the fun stuff comes by reading, meditation or what the fuck so many others do!!!
Mankind has always loved beverage – get drunk, get high, get wild etc. I to am a human, call me called, a prophet, man of God but I will always only be a man. I have need for pleasure, the ecstatic feeling of something more than just “this.” No one has ever settled for just, the void, even the buddhist monks got a goal, the Nirvana, and please don´t lie to me and tell me they haven´t chosen a sutten lifestyle to accomplish their goal. But here´s the secret… As a believer in the sacrifice one thing is above every other religion in this world and that is that we are not left alone. So what is the fun stuff???
If you like to party, get wild, get high etc. why should a loving God withhold such a tremendous part of your life now?
Please back to the fun stuff… Now please pay attention… The everywhere present, all-knowing and caring He has not left us. Yes He upholds us in love BUT PLEASE DON´T TURN HIM INTO AT BOOK. DO not take my God who has created the storm, the violence of the lion og the flares of the sun. Do please not take him and turn him into anything. HE IS PURE. Pure love, pure honesty and content. Not the void, that came by the fall of man, but the content – call it the essence – call it THE HOLY SPIRIT.
The sacrifice came willingly and so will he come to us again. Therefor ASK HIM, you are already accepted and loved. The secret is, that you can achive instantaniously every part of the nature of God, his wildness, his love his abundance of knowledge and THAT IS THE FUN STUFF – afterwards you will still have difficulties in life – pain etc., but you will know how to tackle it all and endure and conquer. Just ask him: “I want this thing, the prophet talks about, the holy spirit I WANT IT now!!!” And relax, wait do your favorite thing etc. He will come – you´ll recognize him when he shows up. Maybe you´ll get even more high than ever before.


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