Open fan-letter(

Consider me a believer.
  Forgive me my poor english.  I have been at war for as long as I remember. A spiritual.
  It started for 31 years ago and haven´t stopped. I´m 37 now.
  I´m not quite sure what I want with this letter but the Spirit, Holy, has asked me to write to you… For the sake of friendship consider it a fan-letter.
  Maybe it is wrong to call it a war but in my childhood some of my earliest memmories is of me playing priest, writing something similiar to bible – prophecies, chanting etc.
  And then speaking with, what I now know, demons.

  But anyway let´s call it a war not to dismish that Jesus Christ already has won us. And back to the thing about the fan-letter… Well Paul I want to thank you because you have awaken me in this Hell-hole of a country where I only know of one church that consists of “the faithfull remnant.” The Frankfurter – school has taken the rest and are lost to parable-fantasy-tickle(hypnosis) my ear sermons that totally has lost the broader picture that Jesus actually came to establish a physical kingdom(not only a religious). I was attending “the higher criticism indoctrination course” (the theological seminary), but already after 3 months I sensed something was wrong and quit.
  But allow me to write a positive letter. You have awaken me from my slumber. The church I attend consists of elderly people, approximately 30, and they are so full of spirit and love that the comparison to the book of acts almost aren´t enough of a complimant. There are churches here with 300 in them?!
The apostolich in my church is so powerfull that guest speakers sense it just being near the building. I will not boast but just let you know that many has prophecied over my life it to be so blessed that I will be known as “a man of God.” Wherfor I want to urge you to still pursue truth as long as it is possible.
  Cause what you teach is good. And by any means we, the faithfull remnant, must stand together and as I, who could pursue human love, success, wealth etc, but actually have chosen not to, not even human love, but agape, in attempt to honour my believe that MY WOMAN must be spirit filled and stand firm on her faith. A woman that I, haven been in Denmark, churches, sermons, prayer – meetings, evangelizing etc. haven´t met yet. And that is the case isn´t it?! Our faith.
  So I´m a man at war. Everyday I fight to maintain my sanity and heart. I close my ears to the dumbness of my fellow Danes. I cry out to my lord in my inner man to protect me. What I have left of will-power I drag myself through to get supplies, to eat, sleep and yet another day appears. I listen to your programmes, partually to get in touch with truth and partually to get amused and gets both – but see you trick me. The deeper I go in your teachings the more I realize what lies the churches have told me and soforth I´m excorcized. What 1.000+ sermons haven´t been able to you and the Holy Spirit does. Dear Paul, know my heart.
  I have fought with demons from within the gates of Hell. My psychosis has brought me nearer Lucifer than you can ever imagine. It is by you teaching – a slap in the face if you want – I have woken from a sleep I didn´t even knew I was in. I do not claim, in my self, to be a Prophet, but if I once gets FULL FREEDOM, emotionally, mentally, physically(Please do some teaching on this(Denmark only thinks of 4 things: Sex, food, success and habitation)) and spiritually I will not forget you!!!

  The more you teach the more awake I become. It is almost as if I haven´t been alive before. I sense more clearly, i perceive more intense, know people more by their character than just the physical, and appreciate life more. I know it is only from Jesus you can get the reflections on your material, no man in himself would be able to set me free in the fullness that you do, from the darkest cornors of Hell. It is not an attempt to dramaticize my situation – when I broke down mentally, religious madness, I felt being cruzified four times, dragged to Hell and lying in the lap of Lucifer. A homosexuall, right beliver of cause, laid hands on me a much younger man and what he did in 3 minutes cost me 16 years and I´m still recovering.
  Thank you for showing me the real world!!!!!!! It is said that the Bible is like a mirror to reflect oneself in and I have read it in greek, latin and gotten revelations of a war to come and say to you: My dear fellow soldier we share the same blood, stand in the same mud and I know of no one else by wich side I would chose to die in the battle for our beloved Jesus Christ while seeing him in each other iris.
  Yours sincerely Henning Andersen (Jes), Løngangsgade 11G, 3400 Hillerød. +45 20354879  P.S. I´m attending apostolich church Hillerød(Hilleroed).