Open fan-letter(

Consider me a believer.
  Forgive me my poor english.  I have been at war for as long as I remember. A spiritual.
  It started for 31 years ago and haven´t stopped. I´m 37 now.
  I´m not quite sure what I want with this letter but the Spirit, Holy, has asked me to write to you… For the sake of friendship consider it a fan-letter.
  Maybe it is wrong to call it a war but in my childhood some of my earliest memmories is of me playing priest, writing something similiar to bible – prophecies, chanting etc.
  And then speaking with, what I now know, demons.

  But anyway let´s call it a war not to dismish that Jesus Christ already has won us. And back to the thing about the fan-letter… Well Paul I want to thank you because you have awaken me in this Hell-hole of a country where I only know of one church that consists of “the faithfull remnant.” The Frankfurter – school has taken the rest and are lost to parable-fantasy-tickle(hypnosis) my ear sermons that totally has lost the broader picture that Jesus actually came to establish a physical kingdom(not only a religious). I was attending “the higher criticism indoctrination course” (the theological seminary), but already after 3 months I sensed something was wrong and quit.
  But allow me to write a positive letter. You have awaken me from my slumber. The church I attend consists of elderly people, approximately 30, and they are so full of spirit and love that the comparison to the book of acts almost aren´t enough of a complimant. There are churches here with 300 in them?!
The apostolich in my church is so powerfull that guest speakers sense it just being near the building. I will not boast but just let you know that many has prophecied over my life it to be so blessed that I will be known as “a man of God.” Wherfor I want to urge you to still pursue truth as long as it is possible.
  Cause what you teach is good. And by any means we, the faithfull remnant, must stand together and as I, who could pursue human love, success, wealth etc, but actually have chosen not to, not even human love, but agape, in attempt to honour my believe that MY WOMAN must be spirit filled and stand firm on her faith. A woman that I, haven been in Denmark, churches, sermons, prayer – meetings, evangelizing etc. haven´t met yet. And that is the case isn´t it?! Our faith.
  So I´m a man at war. Everyday I fight to maintain my sanity and heart. I close my ears to the dumbness of my fellow Danes. I cry out to my lord in my inner man to protect me. What I have left of will-power I drag myself through to get supplies, to eat, sleep and yet another day appears. I listen to your programmes, partually to get in touch with truth and partually to get amused and gets both – but see you trick me. The deeper I go in your teachings the more I realize what lies the churches have told me and soforth I´m excorcized. What 1.000+ sermons haven´t been able to you and the Holy Spirit does. Dear Paul, know my heart.
  I have fought with demons from within the gates of Hell. My psychosis has brought me nearer Lucifer than you can ever imagine. It is by you teaching – a slap in the face if you want – I have woken from a sleep I didn´t even knew I was in. I do not claim, in my self, to be a Prophet, but if I once gets FULL FREEDOM, emotionally, mentally, physically(Please do some teaching on this(Denmark only thinks of 4 things: Sex, food, success and habitation)) and spiritually I will not forget you!!!

  The more you teach the more awake I become. It is almost as if I haven´t been alive before. I sense more clearly, i perceive more intense, know people more by their character than just the physical, and appreciate life more. I know it is only from Jesus you can get the reflections on your material, no man in himself would be able to set me free in the fullness that you do, from the darkest cornors of Hell. It is not an attempt to dramaticize my situation – when I broke down mentally, religious madness, I felt being cruzified four times, dragged to Hell and lying in the lap of Lucifer. A homosexuall, right beliver of cause, laid hands on me a much younger man and what he did in 3 minutes cost me 16 years and I´m still recovering.
  Thank you for showing me the real world!!!!!!! It is said that the Bible is like a mirror to reflect oneself in and I have read it in greek, latin and gotten revelations of a war to come and say to you: My dear fellow soldier we share the same blood, stand in the same mud and I know of no one else by wich side I would chose to die in the battle for our beloved Jesus Christ while seeing him in each other iris.
  Yours sincerely Henning Andersen (Jes), Løngangsgade 11G, 3400 Hillerød. +45 20354879  P.S. I´m attending apostolich church Hillerød(Hilleroed).

Tro 2019!?

Så hvad gør det godt for; troen?
Han kom; Jesus. Prædikede, gjorde mirakler, døde, genopstod og her er vi så; 2019.
Er jeg den eneste der sidder tilbage med en flad fornemmelse? Vi har haft lutherdommen og drevet kirken siden den i mange hundrede år. Jeg tænker bare… Måske er det på tide at prøve noget nyt. Ikke så meget det at der er noget i vejen med Luther, men måske kirken skulle genoverveje dens plads i det moderne samfund. Sådan som jeg ser det taber vi kampen så, hvis ikke vi helt skal sidestille Guds søn med Buddha, Muhammed, Ghandi, Moder Teresa og så fremdeles er det tid til at hanke op i os selv for at servere evangeliet på det sølvfad det reelt fortjener. Skille os ud for at fremstå unik.
Så her har vi det så, som eksempel, den kognitive terapi. Den går ud på at se med sund skepsis på ens tænkning og overveje. Er mit handlemønster her sundt/usundt, der i sidste ende er helt i tråd med Bibelsk tænkning om omvendelse. Bare et eksempel på at vi har mistet grebet om vores generation og overladt vigtige religiøse, moralske, etiske, sociale, økonomiske overvejelser til folk, der ikke er troende. Hvorfor jeg råber vagt i gevær så vi ikke til sidst også mister os selv…..
Troen, kraften, kærligheden og kaffen. Virker de ting stadig. JA. Men praktiserer vi det eller luller vi os hen i teologi – land og hytter vores eget for “troen alene” er nok?!
“Dem Guds ord er kommet til er guder” Så han kom, Jesus. Og her er vi så så lad os dog komme i gang med at gøre et rige parat til ham. Kom dog ud af kirken og køb en burger til ham du altid ser sidde på hjørnet og sælge hus forbi. Ved du din nabo har et misbrug så invitér på middag. Fyld dit liv ud med de mennesker du ved har det svært. Har du ikke kærligheden til det så bed om at få den. Så indlysende er dette at selv et barn ville kunne praktisere det. Hvorfor er du så tykpandet at du negligerer din næstes behov til fordel for din næste prædiken. Har teologien hærdnet dit hjerte så groft at du måske har glemt at dele ud af dit overskud. Det er det jeg mener med at tænke nyt for det er ikke i Luthers ånd at mennesker lider omkring dig og du bare holder dig for dig selv. Du husker sikkert Paulí ord “En har tro og en har handling” hvor HANDLINGEN står stærkere.
Så hvad kan vi gøre?
Spørgsmålet er snarere: Hvad kan vi ikke!!! For hvad er tilladt andet end alt og er det det der skal til… At vi ofrer vores pølsedansker – mentalitet, hvor vi hytter vores eget i vores liguster – kvarterer og træder ud. Ud over tærsklen og når vores medmennesker med guddommelig kærlighed så er det måske det værd at springe vejrudsigten over. Måske er det på tide vi siger “troen alene” aldrig altid for, hvis det kun er den, hvad så med resten af verden. Hvad nytter din frelse, hvis du holder den for dig selv og livet går med dit job, karriere familie fordi det selvfølgelig er målet i det moderne samfund og hvor hører evangeliet så hjemme? Her mener jeg i din tilværelse. Tillykke du fik den der karriere, dit nye hus, et ekstra afkom, den der ekstra million etc. etc. etc. Og ham på gaden du gik forbi, der måske bare ikke kunne klare ræset. Og de hjemløse nede på Trollesbro. Narkomanen. Alkoholikeren og ham skizoen. De ensomme. De forældreløse osv.
Er du virkelig så naiv at tro at troen er nok. Jesus var rodskuddet fra Davids rige og kom ikke bare for at lire moral af. Han er for Helvede ikke Buddha!!! Så har vi noget at tilbyde som troende. Svaret er vi har guddommelig kærlighed og har du ikke det er det fordi du ikke er genfødt OG har ladet det blomstrer ved ånden. Måske er det det jeg prøver at sige. Vi har haft vores tid med troen, tak Luther, men måske er det på tide vi prøver med kraft og handling for Guds rige består ikke kun af ord, men af kraft og den største kraft er kærlighed

Still religious???

I stand in the line to the damnation. I have chosen this path myself. Have denied the cruxifixion and the son of God. There are no turning back now. In life I was tormented by pain and madness.
Eventually evil won and I had no more will or stamina.
No escuses left, no hypocrisy and no saviour.
Wherefor when I look up and above us, the damned, I see the flames of Hell which soon shall feed on my flesh and take what is left of my mind. Everysingle thought the psychologists didn´t found and every crack in my personality the priesthood didn´t tried to convert. What the flames will take from me, one of the damned, will be the leftovers of fattigue and a character that didn´t delivered.
I had my chance one could say. He was a man, a right believer, a good person and hence and soforth. But after having fought first with the demons and afterwards with God ending up in some kind of peace realizing that all was for nothing. Must it then be I that stand when everything else fall and fails in a dance with fake-news.
Sorry, but I have no more strength no more faith and if I once had it is now up to Him to ressurect me!!!
I look at the flames. Beautifull in all their simplicity and I know when they take me it´s finally over. The flesh will be consumed, the mind reach its peak and my feelings will finally abandon me. Maybe in some akward moment I, and Satan, will become friends – cause the heat will be pure and more sincere than life ever was. In that moment I will see clearly, in life, who was my friend, my saviour and my healer. And it will not be the priest or the prophets. It will be the whore on the connor. My greatets joy will be the drug-addics and the alchoholics, the adulterus and the schizoe´s.
Please don´t remember me as a friend, a good man or a believer. TODAY in Hell the flames will unite us all. I have no more faith or stamina and I don´t think I ever had.
Now everything burns. They have taken their grip. Feel how my memories fade away while Jesus caresses me. In the depths of Hell I find what life couldn´t give: truth, compassion and direction. But oh it was just a dream as such my soul. One could conclude: He himself was a God. And surpassed the prophets. Wherefor I say Heil Satan cause what the prophets didn´t spoke the pain he offered was more purifying. Don´t put your faith in me(but in Jesus Christ).


Memorandum et gloria – måske med stavefejl

Mater non est!!! Ecce homo est, con corpus et coqnito vacuum filia. Thisbé?
Ira pater. Est dominum ET salvatori : ) Ecce latinus do. Vade mecum!!!!!!!
Éh, cacchinans homo sapiens Jesú Christum – mortuus est. Ecce né mortem sum. Socrates domus qnosqo. Filiae meum est.
“Veni, vidi, vici.” “Coqnito ergo sum.” Memorandum et gloria.
In domus, solum, vaccuum = pacem.
Et Carlo mortuus est et mater. Mortuum negro est, at né gloria.
Mortum est amor né!!!


16.10.19 Mindeord for Julie.

Jeg har det ikke så godt
? Hvorfor ?
Flad, alene uden kontakt til nogen. Værested; Ah nu fik jeg det bedre jeg har ferie. Nåh. Tilgivelse.
Kan ikke lide at have ferie for meget tid at tage af.
Har været overalt.

Sex. Er overstået. Mad. Er overstået. Søvn. Etc. Er overstået.

Film? Kan bedre lide at skrive. Hvor er dine forfølgere?
De er væk nu.
Har drukket for meget sprut. Har ingen at tale med. Vil ikke bede Gud om tilgivelse. Det er begyndt at blive dumt. Han er nok træt af mig og mine procenter. Der er meget snak om nåde alle steder. For meget. Hvad med evangelisation. Gad vide, hvordan Henrik(navnebeskyttelse) har det. Han fik to medistere og rødkål – Nogen tænker på ham – MIG.
Gud kan ikke blive ved med bare at tilgive og tilgive og tilgive. Han må da blive træt af mig og det er helt berettiget.
Det giver alligevel heller ikke noget gennembrud. Jeg kommer på højkant ja – og prøver at passe studie og butik m.m. Svømmehallen var en stor fiasko. Jeg kan åbenbart ikke lide at svømme. Har ellers altid fuldt ordrene; præsten, læreren, psykologen. Nåh. En cykeltur kan man altid tage. Jeg har nok en sjæl.
Hvad kan man finde på en regnvejrsdag i Oktober?
Det kniber med kontanter og studere kan man jo ikke hele tiden. Det med Henrik var godt – sjæl til sjæl. Har selv boet der jo. Blandt de hjemløse. Hård tid. Det var der det begyndte. Sprutten. Havde jeg ikke købt en Jack Daniel´s og startet på det så havde jeg taget kniven istedet for.
Men det med Gud irriterer mig. Overbærende, barmhjertig og så fremdeles. Han er nok pisseligeglad med mine bønner, men besvarer dem dog. Måske i en form for guddommelig arrogance, men tilgive det gør han. Igen og igen og igen.
Nåh. Troede der var bøn hos apostolerne og var i min parallelverden i bøn for dem. De Satans psykologer har gjort mig helt forvirret – på den ene side går det ikke jeg bilder mig ind at alt mit sind producerer er ægte, men min intuition kender til den ægte vare og jeg må stole på at nogen gange så kommer der altså et resultat ud af min indgriben i astralplanet(i den fysiske verden). Nåh nej. Det må jeg hellere nævne. Jeg er lutheraner så det hedder – gudsrigets dimension. Versus antikrists´ selvfølgelig.
Nåh ville ikke tage mere af din tid end højst nødvendigt. Bare fortælle “H” at jeg nok skal prøve at skære lidt ned på procenterne og egentligt bare øve lidt kærlighed hos dem jeg kender og give dig lidt ære med.
Nåh. Psykologerne… Et kapitel for sig. 2 ½ år på institution. I ren og skær kedsomhed åd vi 10kg. oksekød og drillede køerne. De ansatte blev skidesure. Ved ikke om det var fordi jeg udøvede eksorcisme over for en af de andre eller om det var fordi vi gav dem vores medicin. Om ikke andet… Begge dele var sjovt. Tiden gik med at sidde og fylde plastikposer med raw-pluks – 10 stk´s 4 timer om dagen. Det vil sige det gjaldt de andre; jeg strejkede efter en uge. Men køerne fik altså vores medicin, dvs. mine venners, imens de heilede til dem… Psykopaten, den depressive og så mig skizo´en. Og råbte nationalsocialister!!!!!!! Det var nok autisten, der meldte os. Men han spiste også kun pølser.
Så til mødet hos ledelsen, Anette, Winnie, Lotte, var de lidt stramme i betrækket. Reprimande hedder det vist. Skibbyhøjs kollektive bevidsthed, dvs. fællesskabet i alm. nudansk sprog, kunne ikke klare vores esoteriske udfoldelser(dvs. livsglæde så campisterne også kan forstå hændelsen : ) De andre nærede vist “frygt” for os. Jeg selv kunne ikke være mere ligeglad. Vores ædegilde var den sjoveste dag jeg havde haft i det årstid jeg havde været i “behandling.” Nåh. Psykologen så i det mindste godt ud!!!
Ellers gik dagen med at studere. Jeg blev jo klassisk sproglig student på Helsingør gymnasium før sammenbruddet så den livsglæde de otte måneder på psyk ikke havde taget fra mig brugte jeg på at genoptage min passion for læsning.
Al min tid gik med at læse faglitteraturen for institutionens personale så når jeg endelig dukkede op hos Winnie var jeg parat til at fremlægge min sjæl i håb om hun bare et øjeblik kunne bringe orden i den. Det lykkedes aldrig. Kognitiv terapi minder ellers meget om visse bibelske tankebaner. Hendes direkte parallel til Peter Plys´ forhold til honning og dem forstod jeg aldrig. Men jeg er selvfølgelig heller ikke fuldkommen.
Hvis nogen spørger mig, hvordan min tid, der, var er det bedste svar at der ingen tid var. Måske er det sådan evigheden er. Men eksorcisme er sjovt.
På et tidspunkt under en seance vidste jeg ikke længere, hvor jeg skulle sende dæmonerne hen. Så jeg valgte at sende dem ned til de svageste i ren og skær rådvildhed. Der var, som sædvanlig, ingen gejstlig(kirkefolk), der besøgte os og det var sådan dagene gik.
Et par gange om ugen til psykolog, lidt arbejde, lidt studie, lidt kreativt; lidt af det hele, men ingen løsning!!!
Så efter 2 ½ år havde jeg fået nok.
Mit forhold til Gud blev sat på en hård prøve. Behandlerne med deres insisterende, nærmest messende, budskab om at alt i mit sind var i overensstemmelse med lærerbøgerne om skizo´er og at skemaerne kunne række ind over min fantasi, overskrive den og nå målet: selv at blive “psykolog(” Sex. Er overstået. Mad. Er overstået. Søvn. Etc. Er overstået”)”… Lod ikke meget plads tilbage til at tro om den almægtige overhovedet stadig var hos mig. Måske var det derfor Julie begik selvmord – fordi “JESUS HAVDE FORLADT HENDE?!” Men det var selvfølgelig også kun der jeg havde sendt dæmonerne ned(Lindely).
I eftertænksomhedens dystre skygger lod det med tid, og mangel på samme, på det sted, mig tilbage med et spørgsmål. Dybt inde i mig – det sted, hvor der var fred. For behandlere og Satan begyndte det at ulme. For hvis parterne har ret i at jeg måske ikke er “mig” og at kognitiv terapi er hævet over min sjæl. At mit sammenbrud måske ikke havde noget med min overgrebsmand at gøre, der for resten var troende, og når, der ingen gejstlige kommer fra den nærliggende kirke og tiden bare går og går og går. Og til sidst ikke længere synes at eksistere. Så melder det sig. Som om den sidste rest af virkelighed, der er tilbage prøver at give et kys til den skal man kalder Henning. Spørgsmålet: Findes JEG? Jeg ved Julie er hos Jesus nu!!!!!!!
JULIE sidder hos ham på en stol af guld – ikke længere i mørket med barberbladene. Hun sidder nu og leger med ædelstene og diamanter. Hendes sind er i fred nu. Hun hører kun sin egen stemme og væk er pater og mater´s råb og skrig. På hendes guldstol står, som var det skrevet udaf livet selv: “JEG SÅ DIG”


Back to basics

Does God got a soul and why in the Hell doesn´t the church preach it? The heart of David, the core in the agenda of Christ, was focussed at two forces: He got a mission, he wanted to enhance the kingdom. And he hated idolatry and stood up against the pagans. Read your Bible if you disagree. But we as christians gladly accept buddhism – Yoga(which is old ways to reach gods), islam(sharia or do you want to dress as you like?), witchcraft(…), humanism(old communism) etc. In our country and in our churches. Well as I see it the path is idolatry but OH NO we got to include everyone into our seeker-friendly churches.
How now… What about this: Everyone who doesn´t fast once a year aren´t welcome in the house of God. Or about this: If you don´t donate some of your money to the church… Or if you don´t visit a homeless guy during the next month. Or if you don´t practice the discipline of spiritual warfare. Or once in a lifetime has tried to give someone Jesus. Or supports Israel. Or… Or… Or… Or…
Please where are the heart of David in my kingdom??? Please friends in all our kindness we need to establish a kingdom. That means we need to say: It is against our believe(above mentioned). Something are just not in line with the mindset of God IT IS IDOLATRY.
I will not succomb to the lie that everything is accepted just to be a nice christian. I will stand firm on the word of God and say: I do not accept homosexuality as the new normal(unless it is due to fx. amputation; as it furthermore is necessary to people with servere mental illness to use fx. marihuana etc.). Nor do I believe in the humanist “Give me, give me, give me” principle. Please that are just two examples. I WILL ENDANGER MY SOUL IN THE ENHANCEMENT OF THE KINGDOM.


Salvation/Also in this life

Transform your thinking towards the mind of God. Enlighten your feelings by the beauty of his soul.
Identify your body by the wonder of his might.
Only seeing the mindset of Christ you eventually will know he is the son of God. Salvation is to acknowledge him as the sacrifice to God mended to fill out your place at the altar. There are nothing we can do in our own strength, intellect or might to get access to the divine. It all ends up with him doing all the work and salvation IS Jesus.
Call me a Lutheran but please remember to appreciate the prophetic scriptures that foretold Jesus would come – he is the remnant of the empire of David. He got the heart – that pleased God. And when receiving Christ – letting him give you part in the kingdom, and afterwards eternal life, you will be enlightent, as when Him seeing you He is seeing Jesus Christ; the only perfect man who has walked this earth.
Having Christ do never forget that it is only by His sacrifice we gets knowledge that God will “neglect” our faults and dark sides. The only way to furthermore enhance your life and inner peace is to abide in what he has already done. Of cause you can pray, fast, help the needy and it will in itself give you a “happy feeling,”
nothing wrong with that. But DO NEVER FORGET, that only because Christ, willingly, sacrificed Himself you are 100% welcomed in the heart of God.
So here are the fun stuff…
As now, “having become a child of God” why should your life be any different or complicated than before?! Everything is the same and piety are still as hard as always. Or let me say it this way – it will always be, if you try for yourself. But you came to God through sacrifice and please dear friend don´t believe that the fun stuff comes by reading, meditation or what the fuck so many others do!!!
Mankind has always loved beverage – get drunk, get high, get wild etc. I to am a human, call me called, a prophet, man of God but I will always only be a man. I have need for pleasure, the ecstatic feeling of something more than just “this.” No one has ever settled for just, the void, even the buddhist monks got a goal, the Nirvana, and please don´t lie to me and tell me they haven´t chosen a sutten lifestyle to accomplish their goal. But here´s the secret… As a believer in the sacrifice one thing is above every other religion in this world and that is that we are not left alone. So what is the fun stuff???
If you like to party, get wild, get high etc. why should a loving God withhold such a tremendous part of your life now?
Please back to the fun stuff… Now please pay attention… The everywhere present, all-knowing and caring He has not left us. Yes He upholds us in love BUT PLEASE DON´T TURN HIM INTO AT BOOK. DO not take my God who has created the storm, the violence of the lion og the flares of the sun. Do please not take him and turn him into anything. HE IS PURE. Pure love, pure honesty and content. Not the void, that came by the fall of man, but the content – call it the essence – call it THE HOLY SPIRIT.
The sacrifice came willingly and so will he come to us again. Therefor ASK HIM, you are already accepted and loved. The secret is, that you can achive instantaniously every part of the nature of God, his wildness, his love his abundance of knowledge and THAT IS THE FUN STUFF – afterwards you will still have difficulties in life – pain etc., but you will know how to tackle it all and endure and conquer. Just ask him: “I want this thing, the prophet talks about, the holy spirit I WANT IT now!!!” And relax, wait do your favorite thing etc. He will come – you´ll recognize him when he shows up. Maybe you´ll get even more high than ever before.


The lost gospel/A forgotten truth

Earning the way to eternal life is hard. First you must listen to priests for several hours and stand up and sit down according to the schedule. Furthermore sing the right songs preciesely as prescribed.
After having eaten a small loaf of bread and drunken some juice it all continues. Now, pay attention, the kids are dancing their tribal hymn to a long forgotten God and they laugh oh how they laugh; but they are the fools. There are no turning back now. We´re on the right path – towards our eternal life – now we´re in the house of our lost gospel. Forgetting the world arround us and as long as our priest talks we´re all happy. We sing and light our candels cau´se as long they burn we are alive. In this house we sit and talk and dine and fuck and sleep and wait. We wait… Oh oh oh my GOD we wait. But nothing happens!!!!!!! Mum is still drunk, father apathic and everything continues as if it almost was worthless being in the house of the lost gospel. But it continues, year after year – the same, every single day, but now our fattigue hits – we are broke, lonely, full af fear and disbelief, but Oh how we were happy!!! Happy in the house of the lost gospel.
But after the gospel has lost its power… We are alone. The friends we had are gone. We are broke. The ressources are all used up. We don´t have life. What once represented it has gone.
What are left is the emptiness. The promises didn´t live up to their goals. The lost gospel was for the LOST and didn´t deliver. It had its place in the temple of the God. It was the centerpiece of the culture where the praise sounded and the songs were sung. The salms. The prophecies. The bible. The priest and SATAN.
So the tribe sat listening to the man who claimed he had the gospel. He claimed he knew the god and he sang his songs. And we knew something was wrong and the prophets didn´t spoke. We was silent and silenced among the right believers. Well writing this I will have my voice. Dear church you have spoken long enough. Your sermons was held but you didn´t had God. I heard your prophecies but they came from your own heart. The songs you sang was build on rituals and shamanism. What you had was what you will get. Your God was SATAN.
When the 666 comes you will not be ready. The emptiness you gave is the absence that will hit you – the hunger will hit; starvation, fattigue, thirst, dissiness and your hate will be turned to your faith. On that day it will occur to your heart the truth: I sat among you and you didn´t cared. My pain was of no attention to you and the hunger of ME you didn´t cared about. I listened to your sermons, sang your songs, ate your loaf of breads and concluded that afterall you didn´t had anything – Not me and not THE God.
So when Revelation, 666, comes you will be forgotten, left alone to starve and die. You will drink the deadly water and forget the God you had – your tribal hymns and finally realize that what you praised was yourself!!! There were no God in your house – ONLY YOURSELF – the loaf of bread and the faith you claimed to have will end up with what it was from the beginning – a hunger for truth and purity. But it was me who you silenced. Now it is you who will have no words and not know what time it is and which year it is. You will be on the run, starving, alone, in pain wishing to die.
I listened to your sermons – how you displayed your emptiness. The hunger for me. In the house of the lost gospel I sat. Among you… 666!?

RELIGION, faith in faith, WON´T SAVE YOU MY FRIEND, but the sacrifice from Jesus Christ!


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Dear you
I have great respect for King James Version of the Bible, The Message Bible and the Danish versions Den Autoriserede oversættelse(1992) and Bibelen på Hverdagsdansk.
For many years I have read in it(foreover mentioned as “God´s breath” or just “The breath”)).
To claim I have read it all would be nonsense according to my belief that “if all Jesus had done was written all the books would fill the whole earth.”
But for the sake of simple humility lets us just say that I have read The breath a´lot.

In my recent years the prophetic parts have taken my journey into depths of past, present and future wherefor science, news and trends in the world sincerely have had “Its voice” to my reflections of The breath.

Faith is the conviction of things not seen and sin is not to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God.
Therefor all I can do is humbly give CONVICTION, not to claim me being all-knowing, but proclaim Jesus(MESSIAH) as the only gate to the all-powerfull, all-knowing and all-loving God. LIFE TRUTH DIRECTION!!!!!!!

Build started 1163.
Damaged in 1789 (The french revolution).
Damaged again 15´th April, 06:20 p.m, 2019(Due to fire).

MARK OF THE BEAST, 666 IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION(Last book in the Bible). My way of thinking is to take the positive events and subtract them from the negative events ALL WITH FOCUS ON JESUS CHRIST SECOND COMMING!!!!!!! Have France, Emmanuel Macron and do with my material whatever you want but please put a link to my page.

1163(Positive but past time before the return of Christ)-1789(Negative but more present time):
1789 – 1163 = 6 “2” 6

15.4.2019(Negative but more close to present time. And much closer to the return of Christ wherefor i mix the two different methods of calculations. Hence the comming of Christ much be seen as positive and work as guideline. THINKING of time strictly speaking “2019” must come before “15.4.”).

9 – 1 = 8. 8 – 2 = 6

1 + 5 = 6. = 66

(April month(but in the future, Prophetic time, and looking towards Jesus Christ second coming)


RESULT AFTER ADJUSTMENT: 66(Build/Revolution), 66(Year/Date), 66(Spire), 6(Collapse) / 66, 66, 66, 6

The leftovers will be 2(1163-1789 “2” ), 4(April) and 2(Collapse) = 242. If you interprete one could say: we have past, 2 , present, 4 , future, 2 and say its a kind of countdown to Friday the 13 dec. 2019.

With no interpretation but mere facts: 2 – 4 = – 2. + 2 = 0. And for the sake of your salvation pin – point the absolute purpose with prophetic scriptures and ask “ARE YOU RIGHT WITH JESUS CHRIST – DO YOU KNOW HIM TO BE THE SON OF GOD???”


YOURS SINCERELY MR. Henning Andersen(Visit me in Apostolich Church Denmark, Åmosevej 13, 3400 Hillerød).